Supporting AIACA to strengthen the loin loom women artisans in Diezephe, Nagaland into a sustainable enterprise entity

AIACA with Exotic Echo, in partnership with Axis Bank Foundation (ABF), supports the women loin loom artisans into a sustainable enterprise in Diezephe, Nagaland. The Loin Loom women artisans project is focused on safeguarding the ancient art of textile weaving called the loin loom or backstrap weaving. The project also focuses on supporting the women weavers to set up a collective identity for the enterprise cluster of the women weavers and their artistic natural textiles.

In the past, AIACA has verified the crafting process of loin loom weaving before certifying them as Craftmark members. The women’s group was part of Business Development inputs provided by AIACA, in collaboration with North East Development Finance Corporation Ltd (NEDFi).

The key objective of this project is:

  1. Skill Development: Enable skill up-gradation and production capacities of 20 women artisans (loin loom
  2. Design and product development: To create new designs based on traditional motifs and develop new
    product lines relevant to new market niches
  3. Market Promotion: Strong identity creation of the women artisans and their brand of artistic textiles. They
    have sustained market linkages, including established institutional buyers for regular orders (facilitated by
    AIACA and Exotic Echo).
  4. Linkages: Women weavers will have increased access to government schemes and facilities, and Exotic
    Echo will have an exclusive collection of about 50 organic cotton products under their brand.

To enhance and upgrade the existing weaving skills of the lion loom weavers, three skill development training sessions were organised. In the sessions, the weavers were introduced to different warping methods to create their unique weaving design.

The products displayed at the sixth International Loinloom and Hornbill Festival had a full range of appreciated products by worldwide boutique textile store owners and textile specialists from India and abroad. Further, the group was also invited to the international festival in Bali.