Building Resilient Artisan Communities in Odisha

Odisha is vulnerable to multiple disasters. Due to its sub-tropical coastal location, the state is prone to a tropical cyclone. It is used to demonstrate sustainable energy-driven innovations implemented through an accessible through the replicable models and processes unlocked within these solutions stems based approach in selected disaster-prone artisan villages of Odisha.

The goal is to create benchmarks for high-risk artisan or craft-based clusters across India through the replicable models and processes unlocked within these solutions. The project focuses on building Resilient and Decentralised Craft Villages in Odisha, in Dhenkanal, Mayur- Bhanj and Cuttack.

So far in this project, 89% of the houses in the target districts have been electrified using solar-powered energy-efficient lighting systems, resolving the recurring problems of power failure.

Additionally, to strengthen the community and cluster-based activities, 18 street lights were installed in the identified villages of the project. (Kuliana – 6 lights, Kudia Kunta – 6 , Barabarsinghpur (Balisahi)- 4 and Sadaibareni – 2 ). This gave the Dhokra artisans a choice to work and conduct meetings during evenings.

The community members are given the responsibility of maintenance of street lights.

A prototype and piloting of the Furnace Model and developing Rat Trap Furnaces are in the process with due consultation with IIT and SELCO. The Modified furnaces will reduce drudgery, and fuel consumption will be reduced by 40-50%.

Further in this project, AIACA aims to Develop disaster resilient housing infrastructure and build disaster-resilient work shed for 23 identified households in Kudia Kunta Village, Mayur- Bhanj District to help the artisans work independently in a designated area.

Energy-efficient lighting systems (solar panels) were installed in two identified Anganwadi centres. Additionally, a movement-based module for the children was also provided for the children to learn in a more child-friendly manner at the centre to help them develop their motor skills.