Enterprise Development

Craft enterprises are supported for organization building, registration and statutory compliance, financial management, production and inventory management, business planning, marketing and branding, etc. These services are customized to suit the needs of the enterprises/artisan collectives.

  • Formalization into a registered body; establishing strong governance structure
  • Capacity building on financial literacy, production and inventory management, organization management, market trends, branding and communication, marketing, etc.
Design and Product Development

Craft based enterprises receive support for upskilling, developing new product ranges and new designs, as well as training and skill building in areas which can help the organization to diversify its product lines. Support is provided through specific workshops conducted by expert designers. Craftmark members can get their products evaluated by noted industry experts at the Craftmark Jury where a panel of experts come together to assess the marketability, pricing, quality of the member products including advice on further development.

  • Skill building in traditional craft skills to achieve a higher quality standard
  • Design intervention and product innovation for contemporary markets/consumers
  • Evaluation of member products by the panel of technical experts from the industry
Access to Finance

AIACA supports grassroot artisans and weavers in accessing social and financial schemes of the government and other financial institutions.

  • Working capital
  • Loans for infrastructure development
  • Managing savings
  • Assistance in getting credit
Access to Market

AIACA facilitates craft based enterprises to get access to new markets and expand existing markets through its ESP and Craftmark programme. It also provides supports in order management, branding and promotion. We have been successful in helping members enter the export market and even secure regular business abroad. The following support is provided to craft based enterprises for market access:

  • Issuance of a ‘Craftmark- Handmade in India’ certification license
  • Listing on the Craftmark website, with a dedicated web page for the member
  • Representation of selected members in the Craftmark Annual Catalogue and Corporate Gifting Catalogues
  • Selected representation of Craftmark members in trade shows
  • Promotion of selected Craftmark members through retail exhibitions and wholesale fairs, and social media
  • Linkages with national and international buyers
  • Facilitating export orders for members ensuring quality, timely delivery and logistics
  • Training on visual merchandising
  • Craftmark Youtube channel with craft video documentations to create value for authentic craft techniques and consumer education
Digital Empowerment

AIACA supports craft based enterprises and artisan clusters with technology support including tool upgradation; low cost/eco-friendly technology; computer/internet training

  • Training on digital media – website, social media, e-commerce
  • Training on digital content preparation for high visibility and market promotion
  • Establishment of effluent treatment plants and training the community to use it