The handloom and handicraft sector represents an important source of livelihood in India, especially in rural areas. Despite a significant contribution to the national GDP and export earning, little effort has been made to enhance the incomes of craft workers at a macro level. Hence, the younger generations of traditional craft communities have been increasingly exiting the sector, leaving behind a heritage of diverse and rich skills for as unskilled labour. However, these attributes of the crafts sector, and its widespread skill base across the country, also make it uniquely poised to be a driver for labour intensive, low capital investment employment growth.

As a membership-based apex body for the handloom and handicraft sectors, AIACA seeks to support sustainable growth of this sector through an integrated approach of capacity building, policy advocacy and certification.

AIACA’s mission is to address some of the key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through upskilling, design innovation, business skill development, production management, eco – friendly production, access to finance, use of technology and digital empowerment, promotion and branding, Craftmark certification and direct market access by the producers.