Empowering women artisans of Baliapal Block, Balasore District of Odisha, practising their traditional Sabai grass craft, for increased income and dignified living

AIACA, with the support of Oracle, is working with 100 Sabai Grass women artisans of the Baliapal Block of Balasore. The project focuses on helping these artisans uplift through skill up-gradation, product development, establishing direct market linkages, and linking the artisans with welfare schemes.

The project empowers a group of 100 women artisans, who mainly belong to the OBC (Other Backward Castes) category, practising their traditional craft of Sabai grass.

In addition to the targeted artisans, the project also reaches out indirectly to other 450 artisans in the cluster; through family members and neighbours.

So far in this project, the target group of 100 women artisans collectivised into a cohesive cluster with a clear vision for a sustainable future as an artisan enterprise (Balasore Shobai Sangha). The enterprise has designed around 70-75 products to reach differentiated market segments, leading to a 30% increase in sales in FY 2018-20.

Additionally, 20 women have been capacitated to work as Master Artisans. These 20 artisans will be responsible for skilling and training other women in the craft of Sabai Grass Skill.