The revival of Mubarakpur Weaves through sustainable enterprise development.

In its second phase, the Mubarakpur Weaves project implemented by AIACA with the support of the Ford Foundation works with the handloom weavers of Mubarakpur Weaves. The project focuses on strengthening and business development through a significant market share to grow into a sustainable business entity.

The key objective of this project is:

  1. Collectivisation and leadership development
  2. Production and Business Skills development.
  3. Organisational process and systems to put in place.
  4. Market support and business linkages.

In the first phase of the project, the SJNEFL and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) intervention achieved considerable success, which resulted in an organised enterprise of 20 handloom weavers with the brand name. “Mubarakpur Weaves”. They gained skills, developed their design capacities and created direct market linkages, all critical components for sustainability.

Additionally, within the first year of the project implementation, the group’s sales had seen a notable increase.

In the second phase, with the support of the Ford Foundation, AIACA aims to develop the production cluster of Bohra Muslim weavers as a sustainable producer-led business entity engaged in handloom weaving. Further, AIACA is focused on enhancing the livelihood of these weavers through sustainable income generation, leveraging their traditional skills of handloom weaving.

AIACA will strengthen the brand, and exclusive identity for weavers of Mubarakpur as “Mubarakpur Weaves” to impact the local economy.