Ventanulu, Loin Loom Weaver, Nagaland

Ventanulu, is a woman loin loom weaver from Diezephe, Nagaland. She comes from a family of 7 members which includes her husband and five children. Her husband is a farmer and all her children are all receiving their education.

She has been practicing the craft of loin loom for the past 20 years. However, she wasn’t well versed with the crucial technical aspects such as sizing with meters, product finishing, etc. This was one of the biggest drawbacks that kept the cluster from national and global markets.

It was when Ventanulu and a few other women artisans joined the Exotic Echo’s skill enhancement training programme they learned these crucial technical aspects. The group learnt how to measure and do sizing.

Ventanulu is grateful to the team of Exotic Echo for enhancing her knowledge and skills to weave new non-traditional designs. Additionally, she has received motivation and hand holding support to try and create some new designs through her association with Exotic Echo.