Toda embroidery digitization

AIACA created a digital space for Toda embroidery in order to create awareness about this very interesting tribe and their work (

The portal is about the Toda tribe, one of the most ancient and unusual tribes of the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu, India. They are a small pastoral community who are also well known for their embroidery, a way of life, that they continue to practice through generations. The embroidery is done by the Toda women using red and black woolen threads on a white cloth that gives a rich effect on the fabric. In 2013, they received Geographical Indication (GI) for their unique embroidery.

The objective of this portal is to uphold, preserve, protect and promote the unique Toda craft through digitization of indigenous designs, skills and culture of the Toda community. The idea is to make the information easily accessible for various stakeholders and art lovers who wish to engage with this craft and community in their own ways.

We intend to create the unique identity of the Toda artisans that they deserve by telling the world about the makers of this beautiful tribal craft and the specialty of the designs and colours. As a Toda artisan states: “As soon as someone sees it, it will strike them as very different, as not many people outside the Nilgiris have seen it. The colours of red and black stand out when compared to other embroideries that are multi – coloured.