Craft Cluster Development in the regions of Leh, Spiti

The RBS Foundation and AIACA have a long-standing relationship and have worked on various projects to support the growth of craft enterprise initiatives.

Taking this forward, RBS has partnered with AIACA to help revitalise and promote the traditional handicrafts and livelihoods of local artisans in various villages of Leh, Spiti and, consequently, further the conservation in these regions.


  1. Evaluate and understand the existing craft enterprise initiatives, growth prospects and vital challenges
  2. Identify and prioritise the regions and crafts to be taken forward for development.
  3. Analyse feasibility and build a self-reliant and sustainable ecosystem for the identified clusters/crafts and
    help them scale up their business.
  4. Identify gaps and support innovative business solutions/pieces of training to promote existing units as
    self-sustainable with strong market linkages.