Handloom Weavers of Mubarakpur

Mubarakpur is an ancient handloom weaving cluster with evidence of fine silk weaving being practiced here since the 14th century. Even the famous medieval traveller Ibn Batuta had praised the high quality fabrics being made in Mubarakpur in his travel diaries. A luxurious satin weave with zari motifs had historically been the highlight of this area but over the years the handloom skill was lost leading to a decline in the fame of Mubarakpur.

AIACA started working in Mubarakpur in 2014 and has revived the forgotten and almost lost skills of this famous weaving centre. This initiative of skill development and skill upgradation, design development and product diversification, enterprise formation and registration, business skill development, brand building and direct market access had started with only 5 handloom weavers. With time, more weavers were motivated to join the initiative which resulted in an organized enterprise of 20 handloom weavers’ production units with the brand name “Mubarakpur Weaves”.

Mubarakpur Weaves has become a fully independent weavers’ organization working with beautiful handloom brocade weaves applied in diverse products. Their work showcases a perfect balance of the traditional and the modern design sense. They are sustainable and linked to institutional buyers and designers who regularly work with the brand. Within three years (2014 – 17), their wages increased between 87% – 193% with regular work at hand. They enjoy a profit share and are owners of their business. One of the weavers has also received Sutrakar Samman Award from Delhi Crafts Council in 2017. Mubarakpur Weaves is a case study in the sector about how traditional skills can lead to sustainable and dignified livelihood.

Mubarakpur Weaves is Craftmark certified, signifying authentic, high quality and responsible production ensuring dignity of weavers and their sustainable livelihood.