Handblock printing artisans in Rajasthan

About 360 women from 4 villages in Ranthambore, SawaiMadhopur District, form part of the enterprise, DastkarRanthambore and practice the crafts of patchwork, block printing, tie-dye, sequin work, pottery, leather, and lac bangles. DastkarRanthambore was a combined initiative of Dastkar and Ranthambore Foundation to resettle communities in the SawaiMadhopur area of Rajasthan who had lost access to wood, water, and farming lands due to the creation of Ranthambore National Park. DastkarRanthambore joined as a Craftmark member in 2006. AIACA intervened in the Block Printing cluster and supported DastkarRanthambore in developing its signature block printed collection which was marketed through AIACA’s catalogues to international buyers. Since then DastkarRanthambore’s block printed collections have generated tremendous international sales through buyers such as Ten Thousand Villages in the US and continue to be the best selling collection with the same level of demand from the market.