Help us support COVID-hit families of artisans and weavers

AIACA has been supporting artisan groups/clusters/enterprises across the country since 2004.

The impact of COVID 19 has been widespread, across all sections and classes of the global community. For smaller artisans and craft clusters, the pandemic has dealt a body blow leading to cash flow crunches, wage losses, cancellation/withholding of orders, indefinite supply of raw material and an overall uncertainty about the future of handmade.

*Your contributions are eligible for 50% Tax benefit under section 80G

Pledge to support the per day wage and cost of raw material of artisan or a weaver

Please choose who you would like to support through this livelihoods centric donations.

Support AIACA in its livelihood recovery fundraiser- #RaiseWithAIACA provide support for wages and raw materials for artisans as they seek to resume their livelihoods with dignity
Voices of Artisan

Pradeep Sahoo of Narayani Handicrafts, a Craftmark Member. Although his family is safe, he shares the distress he and fellow artisans are facing.

Craftmark Member – Tapas Jana from West Bengal – talking about him and his family battling this crisis.

He also appeals to fellow artisans and people to stay positive and not be afraid.