Craftकथा, a celebration of India’s rich handicraft heritage, is an annual event dedicated to showcasing the authenticity and sustainability of crafts. The name itself, “Craftकथा,” emphasizes that craft is not just about creating products; it’s about narrating stories that echo the pride of cultural traditions upheld by skilled craftsmen across generations.


To catalyze growth for the Craft Sector by fostering awareness, appreciation, and support for the crafts.


To strengthen the Craft Sector by bringing in more visibility, understanding and sense of pride regarding Crafts among the Indian consumers

Craftकथा envisions addressing the misrepresentation of crafts in the market, ensuring both consumers and artisans reap the true benefits of these timeless creations. Future Endeavors:

Craftकथा is not just an event; it’s a movement. We plan to make this an annual affair, spreading its reach to different states each year. This initiative is a stepping stone towards building a platform that not only promotes handicrafts but also serves as a catalyst for sustainable growth in the sector.

Craftकथा – where each craft tells a story, each product symbolizes culture, and every artisan’s touch adds a personal narrative to the untold stories of India’s rich heritage.