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The Need

AIACA is an apex body that has been working on a range of issues, since 2004, to promote market-led growth for the crafts sector; and increased incomes and improved living standards of crafts producers. Over the past decade, AIACA has conducted policy research and advocacy on a range of issues including access to credit for crafts producers and environmental and health and safety standards for the sector; developed a crafts-certification system called the Craftmark; assisted sales and outreach of member producer groups and enterprises through commercial trade catalogues, trade fairs and order fulfillment; and assisted in developing and strengthening back-end production systems through a range of product design and business development services. We have worked with more than 150,000 artisans across 25 states in India.

AIACA proposes to expand and strengthen its membership so that it can better represent the diverse voices in the crafts ecosystem and can work to address, impact and change the policy environment for the collective betterment of artisans and craft enterprises. While building the membership network, regular activities will be carried out to engage with the existing members so as to retain and attract members. Outreach, communication and policy consultations will be a continuous activity to create and sustain memberships. Especially in these times of COVID, the idea is to come together with all our collective strengths, much like a Kutumb, “family”.


Individuals have to be above 18 years of age and a resident of India to be eligible. Firms have to be incorporated/formed in India.

Types of Member Categories and Membership Costs

Handicrafts Based

  • Individual Artisan ₹100
  • SHG / Society ₹500
  • NGO / Cooperative ₹500
  • Section 25 Company ₹1000

  • Export House ₹1000
  • Trading Company ₹1000
  • Manufacturing Company ₹1000
  • Facilitating Agency ₹1000


  • Student ₹100
  • Sole Proprietor Designer ₹500
  • Partnership Firm/Company/LLP ₹1000

  • Educational Institute ₹1000
  • R&D Institute ₹1000
  • Professionals/Individuals ₹500

As per DCH Card / Aadhar Card / Student ID
In case of Professionals
Upload Aadhar Card / Artisan Card / Student Card

Declaration: All information provided by me is true to my best knowledge and I agree to abide membership principles of Craft Kutumb by the All India Artisans and Craftworkers Welfare Association (AIACA)

As per the Registration Certificate

Declaration: All information provided by me is true to my best knowledge and I agree to abide membership principles of Craft Kutumb by the All India Artisans and Craftworkers Welfare Association (AIACA)

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Key Value Propositions Benefits / Services to Members

  • Craft Kutumb will be a bridge builder between decision making bodies and the artisan communities on the ground by ensuring that learning from practice adequately informs policy for the crafts sector.

  • Facilitate information transfer to and from craft rich states while the larger organizations/groups existing and functioning in and around Delhi and few select metropolitan cities are quite updated with policy level movements and emerging practices; the information transfer weakens as one moves from the national to the regional and local levels.

  • Craft Kutumb will be a knowledge resource and provide thought leadership for all its members by providing access and referrals to information, service providers, government schemes and entitlements.

  • Create a resource repository for members with information on referrals, schemes and services. There is a significant gap in that there have been limited efforts to plug the data and information gap systematically that can be used for advocating the strategic interests of artisans and craft workers.

  • Craft Kutumb will promote the key values of innovation and enterprise as it looks at supporting artisanal efforts towards environmental, economic and social sustainability.

  • Support and promote the enterprise landscape in crafts. For the crafts sector in India, the situation calls for a revisiting of traditional approaches towards income generation and livelihoods – there is a need to redefine the mechanics of work with craft workers and look at well grounded, economically and environmentally sustainable models of business and enterprise as a way ahead.

Craft Kutumb Initiatives

Shilp Samvaad

The initiative- Shilp Samvaad by Craft Kutumb is a learning space for people from the handloom and handicrafts industry. Visit our YouTube page to view our technical sessions and deliberations conducted on various topics related to e-commerce.

Craft Kutumb Shilp-Udyam Samman

The Craft Kutumb’s Shilp-Udyam Samman is an initiative of AIACA to enhance economic dynamism for the smaller producers and grass-root entrepreneurs. A set of craft communities, groups, entrepreneurs and organizations will be selected through the established eligibility criteria and competitive selection process.

To know more or apply for the awards, refer to the document in English/Hindi or write to us at