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Sustainable income and craft business using traditional skills of Kota weaving

“Enable Kota Women Weavers’ Organization (KWWO) for achieving sustainable income through professionalization of their traditional skills of handloom Kota weaving and re-establishing their pride and identity.”
Kota Doriya is a unique weave of the Kota district located in the southern part of the state of Rajasthan. Owing to Rajasthan’s huge potential in the handicrafts area, the non-agricultural sector has been given high priority for livelihoods with a focus on training for self-employment, access to credit and other schemes for finance and social security, and creation of market oriented business
The Kota Doriya fabric is characterized by a distinct square pattern of checks. It is mostly practiced by the Ansari weavers’ community. Over three-fourth of the weavers are women as men are moving out of weaving vocation in search of more remunerative vocations like motor mechanic, tailor, carpenter, etc. Education levels in the sector are relatively low, with many weavers being school dropouts. The production of Kota Doriya is entirely household and artisanal-based. Households involved in the sector typically own one handloom, with 2-3 people in the household engaged in production. The main inputs for Kota Doriya fabric include cotton, silk, and zari
Kota Women Weavers Organization (KWWO), also known as Kota Bunkar Mahila Sanstha, is located in Kaithun. Initially, eleven SHGs came together to form this association. The organization has been associated with 1000 weavers. Kota Doriya of Kaithun is dominated by women weavers constituting 69%; men weavers constitute 31%.

April 2017 – April 2018

Project Area
Kaithun, Kota, Rajasthan

Project Objective

 Women SHGs capacitated in producing new designs and collections for the contemporary market and capacitated in market intelligence, directly impacting 300 women weavers.
 Participation of KWWO in national marketing events.
 Long term business relationships established with new commercial buyers and linkages established with e-commerce sites.
 Identity creation through brand building and promotion of authentic Kota Doriya weave through social media and promotional materials.