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Aagor Dagra Afad

Aagor Dagra Afad, is a women weavers’ collective based in Assam, in north-east India that uses the rich weaving tradition of the tribal communities to make contemporary products like garments, upholstery etc.

Contact Person : Teresa Jojo
Contact Address :
Website :

Abshar Husain

Abshar Husain was identified as a master craftsman in 1987 by the Office of the Development Commissioner of Handicrafts, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.


And Design

Launched by the famous designer Anita Dongre, And Design represents high street fashion at a sensible price.

Contact Person : Anita Dongre
Contact Address :
Website :


Anokhi, is synonymous with hand-made, block-printed apparel from Rajasthan. It has revived the ancient craft of hand block printing and sustains rural craft-based livelihoods by helping them to work in conditions of their own choosing and providing them with sustained work and security of income.

Contact Person : Mr. Pritam Singh
Contact Address :
Website :

Anwesha Tribal Crafts

Anwesha Tribal Arts and Crafts is a non government organization working across Orissa, to promote livelihood generation based on traditional craft skills. It has been working in reviving languishing tribal crafts of Orissa such as kondh dhokra, wood carving, stone crafts, tribal combs and paintings.

Contact Person : Mr. Bipin Bihari
Contact Address :

Appropriate Technology India (Devbhumi)

Appropriate Technology India is a not-for-profit organization that has been working in the mountain state of Uttarakhand along the Central/Western Himalayas of India on issues of natural resource conservation and livelihoods.

Contact Person : Mr. Shailesh
Contact Address :
Website :

Arati Monappa (Serenity)

Arati is a label that uses natural fabrics, natural dyes and various crafts techniques to design eco friendly apparel, furnishings and sarees.

Contact Person : Arati Monappa
Contact Address :


Avani, works at the grassroots level with communities in the central ranges of the Kumaon Himalayas. The products made at Avani are natural, handmade and based on traditional skills of local artisans.

Contact Person : Rashmi Bharti
Contact Address :
Website :


Ayurvastra Concepts


Berozgar Mahila Kalyan Samiti

Berozgar Mahila Kalyan Sanstha works with poor rural women and is known for its handspun and hand woven natural dyed tussar silk.

Contact Person : Niranjan Poddar
Contact Address :

Bihar Development Trust

BDT provides loans for income generating activities in an attempt to reverse the age-old vicious cycle of “low income, low savings, low investment,” into an expanding system of “low income, injection of credit for investment, more income, more investment, more income.

Contact Person : Vikash Pathak
Contact Address :
Website :


Bodhi represents a state of joy, peace and awareness. Started by Pradeep and Mala Sinha, Bodhi is a ethnic wear life style brand.

Contact Person : Mala Sinha
Contact Address :
Website :


Chanderiyaan is an initiative of Digital Empowerment Foundation & Media Lab Asia with support from Department of IT, MCIT, GoI. Chanderiyaan is a digital window to showcase the magic and beauty of Chanderi weaving in its multifaceted hues to the world outside.



Chaubundi is a private business run by a family belonging to traditional ‘chippa’ hand block printers. Its combination of printing, Dabu (mud-resist), tie dye, etc to create sarees, dupattas, stoles and fabrics is unique and interesting.

Contact Person : Mr. Krishan Kumar
Contact Address :

Chaya Nisarga

Chata Nisarga, is a registered NGO and specializes in coconut wood and coconut shell craft.

Contact Person : Mr. G Ravishankar
Contact Address :

Cotton Curio

Cotton Curio is a company specializing in hand block printing. It has successfully combined traditional knowledge of printing and dyeing with contemporary sensitivities, to cater to customers in the country and abroad.

Contact Person : Mr. Rambana
Contact Address :
Website :

Dastkar Andhra

Dastkar Andhra is a registered trust working in the handloom sector in Andhra Pradesh. It is working to establish the viability of household production of cotton textiles as an economic activity for producer families.

Contact Person : Ms. Shyama Sundri
Contact Address :
Website :

Dastkar Ranthambore

Dastkar Ranthambore evolved as a response to provide livelihood and rebuild the communities who had been displaced due to the creation of Ranthambore National Park for endangered tigers in Rajasthan.

Contact Person : Ujwala Jodha
Contact Address :

Deen Dayal Rajkumar

Deen Dayal Rajkumaar is a family business run by Mr. Rajkumar's son, Deepak Sankit. Mr. Sankit is a Master Craftsperson of Meenakari jewelry making. Meenakari is the most extraordinary enamel work of India and has been passed down for generations.



Dwaraka is a trust set up to promote the art of Kalamkari painting. Dwaraka successfully uses this traditional art form to make contemporary products like cushions, jewellery boxes etc.

Contact Person : Ms. Anita Reddy
Contact Address :
Website :

Eco Tasar

Eco Tasar Pvt. Ltd is a tasar silk weaving company catering to both national and international buyers. The aim of the company is to produce high quality contemporary hand-woven tasar silk fabric, that retains its’ traditional texture and character.

Contact Person : Khitish Pandya
Contact Address :
Website :


E'thaan is a design studio and a social enterprise that works with local craftsmen to create furniture, lighting, tableware, and decorations for the home by designer Ritu Varuni and head of marketing Bharati Chadha.


FabIndia Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

FabIndia is a national retail chain that works with works with village-based artisans across India employing their regional textile skills and specialties.

Contact Person : Ms. Puja Kapila
Contact Address :
Website :

Gramshree Trust

Gramshree Trust was established in 1995 to work with underprivileged women to help empower them through self reliant activities.


Green Earth

Green Earth was started by a graphic designer from National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad to help revitalize Indian handicrafts so that it can become a viable income source for village-based artisans. Green Earth works with master artisans and highly skilled craftspeople in eastern India, particularly West Bengal.

Contact Person : Ms. Bashobi Tewari
Contact Address :

Himalayan Weavers

Himalayan Weavers produces hand-woven shawls, stoles, scarves and throws using only natural dyes and hand-spun wool, eri silk and pashmina.


Ismail Khatri

Dr. Ismail Khatri is a master craftsmen known for its Ajarkh block printing, he has also received an honorary degree from a UK based university. His son is trained from the Kala Raksha Vidyalay and works with the his father to promote the traditional.

Contact Person : Ismail Khatri
Contact Address : 9824294313

Incredible Kashmiri Crafts

Incredible Kashmiri Crafts is a partnership firm and their mission is to revive traditional crafts of Kashmir.


Jan Sandesh

Jan Sandesh is a small organization working with recycled cloth and newspaper. It provides employment to women from slum communities in Delhi.

Contact Person : Shanti Paswan
Contact Address :


Kadam is a registered society working with artisans in West Bengal. Kadam provides design and technical support to craft communities to along with access to markets.

Contact Person : Payal Nath and Pooja Nath
Contact Address :
Website :

Kala Raksha

Kala Raksha has been engaged in promoting crafts based livelihoods in the Kutch region of Gujarat. As a grassroots social enterprise it is committed to documenting & promoting existing traditions of art and crafts of Kutch.

Contact Person : Judy Frater
Contact Address :
Website :

Kailash Chand Patwa

A Patwa is a person who ties and strings jewelry with thread. People working within this skill belong to the same community and often adopt the name Patwa.


Kashmir Handmade Pashmina Promotion Trust

The KHPPT is an initiative of Wildlife Trust of India that has been trying to organize workers affected by the ban on Shahtoosh since the past several years.


Khamir Heritage Loom Crafts

Kashmir Heritage Loom Crafts (KHLC) is a manufacturing firm of Pashmina products. The organization is registered with the Handloom Department, Government of Jammu and Kashmir.



Khamir Craft Resource Centre is involved in revitalizing Kutch handloom weaving as well as other crafts of the region like block printing, tie-dye, lacquer, bell making, silver, and leather work.

Contact Person : Ms. Meera Goradia
Contact Address :
Website :

Krishna Megaliving Store

Ayurvastra Concepts


Kumaon Grameen Udyog

KGU works with 100 artisans and sources from over 350 small farmers in Uttaranchal with the aim of providing livelihood opportunities for the local community.

Contact Person : Aloka J Hiremath
Contact Address :
Website :

Lakshay Batde Kadam

Lakshay is a registered society founded by former street children. It was set up to encourage livelihood opportunities for children rescued from the streets of Delhi. Lakshay uses waste material and transforms waste material into objects of beauty and utility.

Contact Person : Mr. Rawat
Contact Address :

M RM RM Cultural Foundation

The M. Rm. Rm. Cultural Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and working towards the research, documentation and revival of languishing crafts, textiles and architecture. The Foundation aims at empowering local craft communities of the Chettinad region.

Contact Person : Visalakshi Ramaswamy
Contact Address :

Mahila Bunkar Sahakari Samiti

Mahila Bunkar Sahkari Samiti is a weavers’ cooperative registered in 1994 specifically for the economic empowerment of women. It works with women weavers in villages surrounding Delhi.

Contact Person : Ms. Lena Acharya
Contact Address :


Mulberry is a non profit organization working to create weaver entrepreneurs out of unorganized artisans, especially women, in rural areas of Assam.

Contact Person : Ms. Rakhee Choudhury
Contact Address :

Mura Collective

Mura Collective is a design and manufacturing company. It is registered as a proprietorship firm. Focus areas of its work are hand weaving, Shibori, and natural dyes.

Contact Person : Kusum Tiwari
Contact Address :


Nirmaaya, based in Kerala, makes Ayurvastra cloth, infusing organic cotton or silk handloom fabrics with organic herbs and medicinal plant extracts using Ayurvedic traditions.

Contact Person : Mathew Joseph
Contact Address :
Website :

Noah's Ark

Noah's Arc is a fair trade exporter based in Moradabad. It was started as a response to promote the crafts of this region and to protect the artisans from exploiting middlemen and exporters.

Contact Person : Samuel Masih
Contact Address :

Neev Herbal Handmade Soaps

Neev Herbal Handmade Soaps is a social enterprise that aims to produce the highest quality handmade herbal products while providing a dignified means of employment for rural women and regenerating rural economy.


Neev Samiti

Neev Samiti is a not-for-profit organization that is currently working to empower and provide livelihood opportunities to women from Bichora, Nohri , Thakarpur, Binega and Kathmai villages in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh.



Norbulingka is dedicated to handing down tradition and restoring standards by providing training, education and employment for Tibetans and seeks to create an international awareness of Tibetan values and their expression in art and literature.

Contact Person : Migmar Choedon
Contact Address :
Website :


Ochre Ceramics and Pottery is a small private enterprise based in the village of Vadod near Anand in Gujarat. Started in 2004, it works with local people and focuses on local materials to design and manufacture ceramic products.

Contact Person : Titas Ganguly
Contact Address :

OKHAI Centre

Okhai Centre for Empowerment plays a pioneering role in promoting this art. Self Help Groups (SHGs) have been formed in the villages of Okhamandal and the members of these groups are involved in handicrafts production. At present, 450 rural women are benefiting from this programme.

Contact Person : Mr. Sudip Gupta
Contact Address :
Website :

Paash Exclusive India Exports (Rupalee)

Rupalee is a handicraft production and marketing initiative working with women artisans in urban villages. The initiative seeks to promote fair trade practices, empower women, and apply traditional craft techniques to create products for an international market.

Contact Person : Anuja Agarwal
Contact Address :
Website :


Priti Sheth, an entrepreneur, used her hand embroidery skills, colour sense, accounting and administrative capacity to set it up as a small-scale unit in 1983 with four other workers.


Poornima Handicrafts

Poornima Handicrafts is a family owned textile producer in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They are a registered factory with the government of India.


Pokaraan Arts

Pokaraan Arts was established in September 2009 as a social initiative by Fort Pokaran Hotel & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. to promote and provide better livelihood opportunity for the traditional weavers from the Meghwal community based in the region.


Porgoi Producers Group

Porgoi is the income generation program of The Tribal Health Initiative, a non profit organization working in remote areas of Tamil Nadu.

Contact Person : Dr. Lalitha
Contact Address :
Website :

Purkul Stree Shakti

Stree Shakti women's cooperative program is income generation project for women who otherwise have produce a sustainable income in a fair trade environment, which ensures proper limited employment opportunities in the rural communities of northern India.


Raj Overseas

Raj Overseas was set up in August, 1991 as an Overseas and Domestic Marketing Division for "Raj Woollen Industries" which was one of the first manufacturers of Woolen Carpet Yarn in the country. Today, Raj overseas serves a client base of over 250 long term accounts.



Rangsutra is a company of artisans from remote regions of India. The mission of the organization is to ensure sustainable livelihoods for artisans and farmers, by creating top quality hand made products based on the principles of fair trade and a celebration of India's rich craft heritage.


Ratan Textiles

Ratan was founded over 25 years ago and produces a range of home accessories and linens of high-quality with exclusive designs. Ratan is a government recognised export house with a strong presence in the international market.


R.B. Fabrics

R.B. Fabrics was established by Abdul Wahid and is now run by his sons. They began developing new Tie & Dye designs based on traditional motifs. They provide training to artisans on new design development and quality management. The company is constantly experimenting new possibilities in the process of Tie & Dye to come up with new innovative products. This has helped them to distinguish their work from their contemporary Tie & Dye artists. R.B. Fabrics is working towards becoming a 100% fair trade company.


Resplenda Expressions

Resplenda is a high end jewellery brand specializing in hand crafted jewellery.

Contact Person : Anuradha Pratap
Contact Address :
Website :

Rope Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

ROPE (Rural Opportunities Production Enterprise) is a social enterprise that works with rural artisans of Tamil Nadu. it was initiated after a successful IIT Chennai rural crafts project that linked rural artisans and craftsmen with modern Information and Communication Technology applications.

Contact Person : Sreejith NN
Contact Address :
Website :


Sadhna works with women from rural, tribal and urban slum localities of Udaipur with the aim to augment their incomes.

Contact Person : Leela Vijayvergia
Contact Address :
Website :

Sakshi Foundation

Sakshi foundation is an organization dedicated to the revival of authentic crafts of Rajasthan including hand block printing, blue poetry and hand made paper craft.

Contact Person : Mukesh Doraya
Contact Address :

Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra

Sandur is a non profit organization working towards reviving the revival of indigenous crafts. It works with women from Lambani tribe in Karnataka.

Contact Person : A. Veeranna
Contact Address :
Website :

SARA International

Sara International is an Australian company that produces a line of aboriginal-inspired home accessories using Indian craft techniques including paper mache and chain-stitching.


Sasha Association for Craft Producers

Sarba Shanti Ayog popularly known as Sasha is a not-for-profit organization working with more than 100 craft producer groups involving more than 5000 artisans mostly in West Bengal and Orissa.

Contact Person : Swagata Ghosh
Contact Address :
Website :

Self Help Enterprise (SHE)

SHE works with rural women from West Bengal who create unusual textures on fabrics and embroider exquisite ‘Kantha’ pictures.

Contact Person : Shamlu Dudeja
Contact Address :
Website :

Shri Govind Arts

Shri Govind Arts are exporters and manufacturer from India of Handmade Gemstone Paintings, Miniature Paintings, Marble Paintings, Paper Paintings, Mica Paintings, Handmade Paper Diaries and Products and lots more.

Contact Person : Mr. Mahesh Chand
Contact Address :
Website :

Shri Krishna Megaliving Store

Shri Krishna Megaliving Store (SKMS) is a for-profit organization that works with craftworkers and artisans of Assam offering them innovative ideas on designing and production.



Shrujan, is a not-for-profit Trust dedicated to the upliftment of women artisans in Kutch, Gujarat.

Contact Person : Ms. Amrita Shroff
Contact Address :
Website :

Sohail Handicrafts

Sohail Khatri has done his graduation in design from the Kala Raksha Vidyalay in Kutch, Gujarat. He specializes in Tie and dye and his product range includes sarees, dupattas, stoles etc.

Contact Person : Sohail Khatri
Contact Address : 9898578658

Speed Trust

Slum People Education and Economic Development (Speed) is a charitable public trust which operates in the slum areas of Chennai. It works with women in the community to produce products using recycled plastics.

Contact Person : KS Prasad
Contact Address :

Sukriti Inprint

Sukriti has been involved in crafting the highest quality handmade paper since the last 30 years.

Contact Person : Ghanshyam Sharma
Contact Address :
Website :


Society To Uplift Rural Economy or SURE as it is popularly known ,is the outcome of the vision of Padama Shri Magraj Jain-a vision that has matured over six decades of work with the poor and destitute in Barmer district.


SUVAS foundation

SUVAS Foundation or Surendernagar Vankar Samaj is a federation of artisans from Surendranagar, a culturally rich district of Gujarat. It is promoted by NIFT Gandhinagar under a special SGSY cluster development project.

Contact Person : Jagdishbhai Rathod
Contact Address :
Website :

The Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation Limited (Rajasthali)

Rajasthali is a handicrafts retail store run by Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation (RSIC) showcasing the vibrant crafts culture of the state. Products are sourced from artisans from all parts of Rajasthan.

Contact Person : Mr. Badal
Contact Address :
Website :

Tilonia (Hatheli Sansthan)

Hatheli Sansthan is the handicrafts division of Barefoot College. Established in 1972, the Barefoot College is a non-government organisation that has been providing basic services and solutions to problems in rural communities, with the objective of making them self-sufficient and sustainable.


Touchy Exports

Touchy Exports works with communities leaving in the slum areas of Tuglakabad Extension in Delhi. They aim to make the artisans independent and self-employed by providing them opportunities for income generation.



Udyam Jagran Sansthan (UJAS) is a registered body of producers that Udyogini has successfully helped to establish for both business and social support.

Contact Person : Padam Singh
Contact Address :

Utrranchal Bamboo Fiber Development Board (UBFDB)

UBFDB, as the name reveals, was established with the objectives of creating livelihood opportunities with the help of bamboo and natural fiber species in the rural areas of Uttarakhand state.

Contact Person : Gargi Pandey
Contact Address :
Website :


Uravu is a non-profit organization that works with underprivileged and marginalized local people, and trains them in the skill of bamboo processing and handicraft making. The center has a small shop that sells a range of handicraft items.

Contact Person : Sundernath
Contact Address :
Website :

Urmul Marusthali Bunkar Vikas Samiti

Urmul Marusthali Bunkar Vikas Samiti, is a registered NGO which works to promote and protect the livelihood of weavers through the development of self-sustaining and viable producer groups capable of engaging directly with the market.

Contact Person : Rewat Ram Panwar
Contact Address :

UP Artisans Sutradhar Ltd.

UP Artisans Sutradhar Ltd. (UPASL) is a regional supplier company working with artisans in Varanasi, Bhadoi and Mirzapur areas of Uttar Pradesh.


Vankar Murji Hamir (Miri)

Vankar Murji Hamir (Miri) is a generations old traditional weaving firm based in Bhujodi village. It is an artisan owned firm with the 10 weaver families and 20 women associated with it.


Vankar Vishram Valji

A private enterprise started by the master weaver Vankar Vishram Valji. The enterprise over years has evolved a diverse product range based on traditional kutchi weaving and embroidery with a contemporary flavour.

Contact Person : Vankar Vishram Valji
Contact Address :


Vastra is a private enterprise operating in Costa Rica. Vatsra sources handcrafted products from groups across India and sells them in its retail outlet.

Contact Person : Sofia Salas
Contact Address :

Vasundhara Gramodhan Samiti

Vasundhara grew out of Urmul's efforts at putting together income generation and craft development programmes. The main aim of the organization is to involve poor and marginal families in collective action that could provide a sustainable means of income in the face of unpredictable drought conditions.

Contact Person : Manu Ram
Contact Address :

V Weave

V- Weave works with artisans based in and around Panipat, successfully utilizing their traditional skills and techniques. It produces hand woven rugs and fabrics from all-natural materials like jute, cotton and wool.

Contact Person : Nikhil Khera
Contact Address :

WomenWeave Charitable Trust

WomenWeave, a registered Charitable Trust based in Maheshwar, MP, has supported and developed the role of women in handloom weaving since 2002. WomenWeave (WW) mission is to work towards overcoming the vulnerability of women who weave on handlooms (either part-time or full-time) and work towards making handloom a profitable, fulfilling, sustainable, dignified income-earning and life-improving activity.

WW is developing principles to further implement fair trade/fair value for labour, environmental restoration, socio-cultural vitality via long-term integration and collaboration with local and global apparel/fashion markets.

Contact Person : Sally Holkar
Contact Address :
Website :